"Altyn" Interest-Bearing Disbursement Deposit

Type of the deposit

Deposit with the possibility of replenishment without limitation and partial withdrawal

Minimum deposit amount 5 000 KGS; 5 000 RUB; 100 USD;
Minimum amount of additional in-payments No limitation
Additional in-payments and their limits

1. Non-limited.

2. Receiving additional in-payments shall be ceased 30 days prior to expiration of the Deposit Contract. 

Interest payment frequency

at the end of the term

Interest capitalization

Partial withdrawal of the deposit Partial withdrawal of the amount is possible provided that the minimum deposit balance is remained and only 30 days after the contract conclusion.

Interest payment in case of early contract termination

based on the rate of the On-Demand Deposit

* Maximum effective interest rate: KGS - 8,30%, USD - 1,53%, RUB - 7,23%

Note: the customer shall have the right to choose the deposit term between the standard terms of the deposit products. For such cases the following principle shall be applied for establishment of the interest rates: a standard interest rate shall be applied to all deposits, opened for the period until the next standard period in accordance with the scale of the interest rates of the deposit product.

Currency 3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months 18 months 24 months
KGS 2% 4% 6%




USD - - - 0,5% -


RUB 5% 5% 5,5% 6% 6,5% 7%


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